Our Process

Private Client / Corporate Clients

If you are a Private Individual or a Company buying and selling Foreign Exchange we can help. Once we have determined your requirement then we will advise you which broker or bank we feel would suit you and your specific requirements best. We will then register you with at least one of our FX providers or banks and put you in a position to trade normally within 24 hours or your initial conversation with one of our consultants. We will then monitor your requirements on a regular basis and deal on your behalf each and every time you have a requirement making sure you are using the most effective provider to execute each transaction.

Corporate Consultancy

It is very apparent that a lot of businesses which have to facilitate regular foreign exchange transactions have long term and established relationships with major banks or brokers. They are often unable to judge whether they are receiving good advice and competitive prices of their transfers and FX pricing. We are increasingly employed to investigate the FX side of businesses to give an independent overview of how their current bank or broker are doing in comparison with other market leaders. It is evident (sadly) that some businesses are obliged to stay with their current FX suppliers (normally the larger banks) as they have many facilities which mean taking the FX business away may jeopardise their banking relationship. Our consultants often speak directly to your bank or broker to explain that the rates being offered are inferior to other market operators, and that we at Creative FX will be advising the business to look elsewhere. This results in tighter spreads and more competitive pricing which feeds directly to your bottom line. We will monitor each business on a regular basis (timescales set by each business) to make sure your supplier stays competitive.